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Contact the website admin and U.S. A- Team Executive Administrator Rachel Warnock at:


Contact the Team Captain Billy Allen directly at:


Contributions to the team can also be sent to the following address: (checks can be made out to the U.S. A-Team)


U.S. A-Team

143 Parke Ave

Quincy, MA 02171

Stock Outboard Scene- Stay in the loop with the best source of outboard racing news in the country!  Read interviews with top drivers from around the US, and get fast results from recent races.

Stock Outboard- Interested in learning more about power boat racing?  Or getting started yourself?  You can also find local races or racing clubs.


Union of International Motorboating (UIM)- This is the world organization of boat racing.  Find races in your country.


American Power Boat Association (APBA)- This is the national organization of boat racing.  Find races in your part of the country.


South Shore Outboard Association (SSOA)- This is a local racing club in New England.  Find races near you.




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