Here's what people are saying about the U.S. A-Team:

    “On their trips to European races, this team took their roles as ambassadors seriously.  They were proud to represent not only APBA, but their country.  The language barrier was a challenge, but these folks overcame it by being friendly, sportsmanlike and open.  They made countless new friends and raised the image of APBA and the USA abroad- priceless!”  

-Mark Weber, APBA President, Propeller Magazine, Feb 2011


    “A parents’ proud moment, is when you read this , ‘and making his debut on the European UIM racing scene is Crew Chief Johnny Wlodarski from Newton, New Jersey.’ What a wonderful experience for Johnny to go to Europe and represent the USA. He has met people from all over Europe, he learned about other cultures and has met people from different countries that will be his friends forever.  Where do you get an opportunity to do this?  -with the U.S. A- Team.  I recommend this to all the up and coming drivers: work hard, do well in school, and be that person that can represent the USA in the future.”


-Eileen and John Wlodarski Jr.



    “I'm very pleased to have Billy Allen and the U.S. A-Team represent the American Power Boat Association  (APBA) at international events. The U.S. A-Team has shown some success at recent events and will only get better in the future.  The Team also offers a wonderful opportunity to APBA's youth- that being the chance to represent their country at the World Championships.”   


-Mark Wheeler, President

American Power Boat Association



    “In my forty years of racing outboards, Billy Allen has been on the top of my list of the drivers I trust while going into the first turn.  His excellent skills as a driver are highly respected by myself and many other competitors.  He is the perfect leader needed to bring success to the USA though his team’s efforts.”


-Jeff Brewster

2012 APBA Stock Outboard Chairman




    “My name is Vahur Joala, I was the official UIM Representative at the 2012 OSY-400 World Championships in Germany and also at the 2010 OSY-400 World Championship in Sweden. In 2011 I was the official Officer of the Day (OOD) at The OSY-400 World Championship in Estonia. OSY-400 is undoubtedly the most popular class of powerboat racing in the entire world. These titles races are organized and held in Europe. Having racers from other continents other than Europe is most important for our sport because it makes these races more credible. The U.S. A-Team, whose T-shirt I am wearing today, has my great respect, for being great sportsman, from a great power boating nation. These three “greats” are not just words; it is sincerely how I feel. The U.S. A-Team is the most friendly and shining team at the last three OSY-400 World Championships. I look forward to meeting them again at another race which raises my feelings.”


-Vahur Joala

UIM Official



   “For a few years now we have drivers from the U.S. coming over to Europe to race with us the World Championships. And this is GREAT! It makes the World Championships more like a REAL World Championship. So many years we were racing between ourselves and now it feels more complete.  We have so much to talk about and to learn from each other… different hulls... different rules .. a whole different racing procedure. It is a wonderful intercontinental exchange of experiences. In the past few years we have learned a lot from each other and I hope that we can keep that exchange alive because it’s the best that can happen to our sport.”


-Wenke Franke
UIM Official


    “To Billy and the rest of The A-Team.  Thank you for coming to SOAR 2012.  I am not quite sure which of your exhibits was the best. The Science part where the scouts learned how the boats work, the actual boat speeding by on the water (I think the scouts liked this the best) or the boats you donated for the first aid display. Thank you for making SOAR a huge success and I look forward to seeing you at SOAR 2014.” 


-Darrin Johnson

District Executive, Boston Minuteman Council, Boy Scouts of America.


    "I hope your program continues to grow and Thank You for representing our country and flying our nation’s flag at these international events."  


-Joe Finn, Councillor at Large, Quincy City Council, Quincy Ma.


    “You’ve inspired my brother Graham and I to get to a UIM race.  We are currently planning to run at the UIM Worlds for P750S class ThunderCat racing in October!” 


-Andrew and Graham Fralick, Boat Racers