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About the Team


The U.S. A-Team is a group of highly qualified outboard drivers, mechanics and supporters who have accumulated countless championships and records on the American racing circuit. Our next challenge, which we take on with anticipation and enthusiasm, is on the world level of racing in the Union of International Motorboating (UIM) competition.

The team has 3 goals:

1) To establish a permanent American presence at UIM World Championships.

2) To generate enthusiasm among young US drivers to compete in UIM competition by involving them in the U.S. A-Team international racing group.

3) To place American drivers on the podium at UIM World Championships thus establishing America as a legitimate contender on the world level of small outboard competition.


The U.S. A- Team is the ONLY team committed to representing The United States at UIM World Championship events in Europe.  These events feature drivers from over 20 different countries and are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are awarded to the top 3 podium finishers.  


The U.S. A- Team mainly competes in the OSY 400 class, the most popular class of outboard racing in the world. This class is raced in America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Korea.       


The U.S. A- Team is committed to excellence and also to the growth of America’s young racers.  The team is striving to have 3 complete and highly competitive OSY- 400 outfits that can be raced by young American drivers. The team utilizes the educational powers of international travel to provide priceless experiences for  American youth.   


The UIM awards the World Championships on a rotating alphabetical basis.  You’ll never know where we’ll race next!

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